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By Romorror Fan Girl (Julia)

I must confess something, I'm not a big fan of Historical Fiction, I bought this book motivated by the contest organized by the Author, but boy oh boy! This book slapped me on the face.

Vows To The Fallen it's an incredible narration based in a real life story, the Author masters the narrative, it's like sometimes you are reading the personal journal of Lieutenant/Captain Patrick "Terror" O'Toole!

The plot is full of action, good decisions, bad choices and some heartbreaking situations. A real page turner.

Can I say that my absolutely favorite character is Captain Mutt/Ship Shape???

Vows To The Fallen by Larry Laswell

ByJersey Girl Book Reviews / Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews

In Vows To The Fallen, author Larry Laswell weaves a thrilling World War II historical military sea story that follows Lieutenant Patrick "Terror" O'Toole's tour of duty in the Pacific theater.

The author utilizes his extensive military experience to weave a compelling tale that captivates the reader from the beginning by transporting them into the middle of the war with Lt. O'Toole and his crew. The reader can't help but get caught up in this story, the richly descriptive settings in the Pacific in addition to the vivid war time details puts them on the edge of their seats and turning the pages.

The author provides factual historical data from World War II and interweaves it with a captivating story about one man's vow to uphold his responsibility for each assignment given and complete the mission to defeat the Japanese for his comrades who have fallen.

Lt. O'Toole is a driven man determined to make admiral, but the demons that haunts him from the words of his grandfather: always a failure and not adequate, it shakes him to his very core, making him question his ability to prove himself, and surrounds him in doubt. But when a Japanese cruiser ambushes the USS Green off the Guadalcanal coast, he and his surviving crew must push on and face new missions, for the war waits for no man. Lt. O'Toole rises from the abyss of the PTSD that has a hold of him and vows to complete every mission for those who have fallen. You can't help but cheer on Lt. O'Toole and his crew as they embark on each harrowing mission to defeat the Japanese.

This is a well-written story that flows smoothly from the beginning; with realistic characters and witty dialogue; to the various war settings and suspenseful twists and turns; author Larry Laswell pulls the reader into the midst of the wartime action in the Pacific, and doesn't let go until the climatic ending.

Vows To The Fallen is an intriguing and action packed World War II historical military sea tale that will take the reader on one hell of a thrill ride.

What Makes A Great Teacher and Warrior Tick

By James E. Mitchell

This study of what drives a great teacher and warrior enthralled me, as did the first in the series where O'Toole has a minor role. The reader, or at least this reader, continually asks "could I do that?" The answer is probably "no, I couldn't" but I surely wish I had the interior steel that would let me. That I felt this strongly is a tribute to Mr. Laswell's ability as a psychologist, plotter, and writer.

Fantastic Read

By Michelle Finlay

As someone who is intrigued with history, I was delighted at the chance to read this book. Larry did a fantastic job at detailing the characters, and describing the challenges that were in front of him. The relationships between characters were thought out and depicted in a way that there was no "bad guy," but ultimately all characters working towards a common goal.

While O'Toole consistently believes that he is not "adequate" for the job as he moves up the ranks, he continues to push forward and do better each and every time, disregarding the general code of battle. The descriptions of O'Toole's challenges and the battles were carefully laid out and easy to follow, almost as if you were in the middle of the action. The way O'Toole was constantly reminded of his men through Hatfield's' brass gives the book something to go back to, as a remembrance of O'Toole's first battle days.

I have to admit, Ship Shape was a great character to add into the mix (dog lover here!), as it gave hope and something else living to consider. I would highly recommend this book to anyone with a military background, or anyone who is interested in WWII era history. This book is very adequate in my opinion, considering I read the entire book in one sitting.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

If you like Military Action and Suspense, you are in for one of the most enjoyable reads; EVER


'Vow of the Fallen' - The title can be seen developing from the opening chapter, where O'Toole sees himself as 'falling short' of his responsibilities and not up to the task given him. It is cultivated throughout as he acquires experience and confidence, and becomes evident in the last chapter where he is morphed into a teacher and "The Terror of the Pacific'.

This action packed novel contains all of the elements of a great naval novel: :-) loyalty, great battles, heroes, love, humility, introspection, win some - lose some, surprise action, animosity, sorrow, dedication, suspense, surprises and a "Vow to the Fallen".

Larry Laswell is brilliant in his descriptions of the battles of the story. His battle scenes will have you ducking the shells & cheering the participants. You will feel every explosion. You will bleed with the injured and rejoice with the successes.

The humor of developing relationships are appropriately scattered throughout the book and most will force a belly laugh.

If you like Military Action and Suspense, you are in for one of the most enjoyable reads; EVER.

This would be a Six Star book - if there were six stars available.

Second Great book in the series

By web108

This is the second in the Marathon Watch series of books and I will buy any future book in this series. The author knows how to keep your attention and the characters were well fleshed out. The only critic I have is a small technical error in which he stated the F6F hell cat was armed with torpedo's, this is a fighter it can and would carry bombs or rockets but not torpedo's. Other than that I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to anymore in this series..

Intense NAVAL Action - Great Reading

By fred

This moving story about Pat O'Tool and destroyer action in WWII is intense and loaded with fast-paced realistic action that almost everyone would enjoy reading, especially an old salty dog like me. O'Tool's ethics in training and battle would still benefit every seaman and officer today -his concepts are not dated. Author Larry Laswell writes a damm good book! //Master Chief Petty Officer Ross,USN,Ret.//

Five Stars

By Amazon Customer

Very well written. Characters are well developed. Detailed but doesn't slow down the story. A page turner. I bought the second book already and am half-way through. Another page turner.

My only quibble is that the hero is fairly standard in that he's the best there is but thinks he's inadequate. The author spent too much time on the character's angst about his imagined inadequacy.

Another "don't miss" novel

By snort

Another excellent WWII story from Mr. Laswell. A complement to Marathon Watch, Vows to the Fallen is an action-packed historical fiction of the tin-can navy in the Pacific during the second world war. It is also a thoughtful consideration of the responsibilities of command in wartime situations. I look forward to seeing more of this author's work. More than adequate!

Great Book-must read

By Kelly Schittenhelm

What a great book. I stumbled on this book when I was looking for a freebie-was free for a bit. I'm glad I did. I didn't want the book to end! No a dull page at all. Free is usually hit or miss, big hit here. You like WW II adventures, naval stories or action books , this one is a must. If you like Jeff Edwards, Gorden Kent you will enjoy this. Get it.

Kent/Reeman, Forester & Pope: Make Room

By Amazon Customer

This author, Laswell, knows how to grab you by the seat of your plants and through you into the story. Great characterization, dialog and suspense from start to end. I particularly liked his sense of tactics and training. I'm Army but I believe he really knows the Navy. Couldn't get enough of him. Only two sea stories? Not enough.

Great book

By Amazon Customer

This book was as good as and actually better than the Ross book. Again, I couldn't put it down after starting. The author obviously was writing from experience and his research was meticulous. I'm looking forward to reading more of his work. Thanks for a good look inside Navy operations.

A good war story filled with complex and interesting characters

By John A. Seay

Great action scenes with a focus on the people and what kept them going during and between battles. I found myself really caring about Captain O'Toole and the crew he led. An engaging story that held my interest throughout.

Vows of the Fallen

By Amazon Customer

If you are a Navy vet and had sea duty in engineering you can really enjoy the story. Also if you have read " last of the tin can sailors" the story battle scenes could have happened

this book Just finished and it was great!

By neely sexton

I first read the Marathon watch and loved it. I considered it the best sea tale I have read in years, that is until I read Vows to the Fallen. I can't wait for more from this author !

So well written. Kept me enthralled.

By Rickon

Loved the characters. Well developed and not overwritten with unnecessary details. Battle scenes were clearly depicted and easy to visualize.

Excellent writing style.

By Amazon Customer

Excellent writing style. I was compelled to read late into the evening twice to complete this work.

A very enjoyable and exciting read.

By coffeeamigo

A really great book! I hated to see it end.I hope he will have another book in the near future.

Five Stars

By Edward Swindelles

Another great we ii sea story by Larry Gladwell.

Five Stars

By Robert W Waterman

Enjoyed it a lot. Hope he writes more.

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