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If you’ve enjoyed The Marathon Watch, we invite you to share your review with us here. If you’ve not yet read it, hear what readers are saying about The Marathon Watch, the latest military thriller by Larry Laswell: 

Critical Acclaim

“A Vietnam-era naval thriller pits a destroyer’s crew against a scheming admiral. Dialogue and action are vivid, and the machinations of the naval hierarchy are completely believable. Scenes aboard the ship are palpably real, especially the breathtakingly intense rescue scene. A riveting, realistic tale of Navy seamen and their pride in their ship.” -- Kirkus Reviews

“You can smell the oil and feel the heat of an old ship's boilers as she lurches forward amidst the intrigue across the fleet, and the future of the US Navy is decided by the fate of one ship.” --Bond Sandoe

“Excellent book; It’s as good as the military novels from Follett or Clancy . . . The Marathon Watch was a ‘can’t put it down’ book from the word go.” -- Gerald Pall

“A portrayal of integrity versus malevolence wrapped inside a spellbinding story that takes you inside a world of adventure and intrigue . . . a must read.” -- Mike Hannigan

“Treachery and greed are up against honor, loyalty and ingenuity in this rousing tale of a ship and crew placed at risk by those who should have had their best interests at heart. The author spins a gripping yarn whose climax will have you on the edge of your seat. A great read!” -- Lindsay Ziegler

“I wasn’t really a military book person but The Marathon Watch caught my imagination and drew me into the compelling story of conflict, betrayal, triumph, and relationships. Well worth the read for anyone!” -- Carol Bable

“Leadership insights from the top to the bottom of the hierarchy AND an inside / outside view of each character—fascinating.” – Jeanette Shallop

“I knew someday I would find a gripping contemporary book about the United States Navy…It was great to read a book able to make the traditions and culture of the US Navy come to life and have meaning.”  -- Andrea Luhmanon

“This is a book about power, control, military politics, friendship, loyalty, hard work, seamanship, all held together by the writing skills and imagination of Larry Laswell.” -- Roger D. Thomeon

 “Keep your wits about you and you won't be disappointed in this complex tale of ego, government red tape, and heroes.” - Julia Moran Martzon

“The Marathon Watch” is a very good read. I would love to see this book make it to the big screen. – Michael Carrieron

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