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Larry Laswell
A word from Larry
A word from Larry

I have a contract with my readers. Readers purchase and invest time in my novels.  In turn I invite them into my world of imagination where they can vicariously join my characters' lives no matter how humble, grand or dangerous their lives may be. In short, my world must be worth the price of admission. The contract has three parts:

  • Not wasting words or going on page after page on something that does not move the story forward. Why would I ever want to make my readers waste their time?
  • Developing interesting stories where the reader can never figure out what comes next
  • Developing complex characters that readers care about

These things are not easy to do—it takes me a year to write a novel and when I am done almost half of the words I labored to write are on the cutting room floor. For me writing is a laborous but rewarding endeavor. I would do nothing to change my timeframe or process--I am roud of my work. 

My reader’s comments and reviews are songs to my soul and recognition of my craft and effort.  I have lots of reviews and the messages you are sending me can be easily lost due to the volumn. So on this page let my readers be heard.

Thank you to all my readers. Please sing to good authors and leave a review.



Readers Comment on the Quality of Larry's work

“Military fiction at its finest.”

“The best Naval fiction I have ever read.”

“Kent/Reeman, Forester & Pope: Make Room [for Laswell]”

“The best navy yarn I've read in a lot of years.”

“This was probably the best world war 2 book I have read”

“I never thought I'd find an author who could equal Deuterman.

“Of the 591 kindle books that I have read, this book is in the top 10!”

“Excellent read....Reminds me of C.S. Foresters' Hornblower series.”

“I am a avid reader and have read thousands of books. This is a outstanding novel. Read it!”

“This is one of the best Navy Yarns I have ever read. I'm a retired CPO.”[Chief Petty Officer]

“This book ranks right to the top of any books I have read. Especially if you had been in the Navy.”

“One truly brilliant book, along with The Marathon Watch it ranks among the best WW2 narratives ever written. “

“I am an avid reader yet this is my first review simply because I had to endorse this book as it is quite outstanding.”

“I read a lot of WW2 related documentaries, biographies, historically based novels and this is one of the best I have had the honor of reading.”

“I'm a life-long reader. I'm a navy veteran. I've read MANY naval stories and next to The Caine Mutiny...this is the best. On second thought...I think I'll reverse that rating.

“First let me say that I'm an avid reader. I have read over a thousand books in 10 years. I say that not to brag, but to give you a measurement of my sense of comparison when I say that this book was very very good.

“I very rarely write reviews but the one deserves a five star one. The story is full of great characters and sub plots, includes humor and is one of the best books I have read in the last year.”

“One truly brilliant book, along with The Marathon Watch it ranks among the best WW2 narratives ever written. If like me you are a fanatic for naval history then this series is one that joins the best. All praise to Larry Laswelll for his attention to detail and the inclusion of some humor.”

“I'm old enough to be considered an old man, and for many years I have read loads of books of various types, which qualifies me to say that this book is really, really great. It is so powerfully written, so riveting, and so enjoyable that I rate it among the best books I've ever read, which places it among such good company as Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove," James Michener's "Centennial," Herman Wouk's "Winds of War," and Alex Haley's "Roots." From my perspective that's some downright powerful company.”

Readers Comment About Larry's Craft

“Recommend a good read to all who love the sea. Brought tears to the eyes.”

“Well written piece of history. Grips you from the start and brings a lump to your throat.”

“The plot is full of action, good decisions, bad choices and some heartbreaking situations. A real page turner."

“Never thought I would like a military story but this one made me cry. I love a good hero and the ending was fantastic.”

““Parts gave me goosebumps or even a tear or 2. Kept me "in the edge of my seat" until the end. Made me cry too. I loved the honesty and poignant writing.”

I'd give this one six stars!”


“Military fiction at its finest.”

“Good read, vibrant characters.”

“Absolutely 5 stars, no hesitation!”

“Wow, this man knows how to write!”

“Moving and dramatic to the extreme. Amazing.”

“Very well written. I do not normally write reviews
But here is my first one.
Action packed, great detail and even greater story line”

Seems as true to life as I can imagine and still be fiction.”

“Exciting, read. Felt as if I was on the bridge while reading the story.”

“A damn good read for old salts, or those who want to understand them.”

“Fast action and well written. You should add this to your must read list.”

“I usually don't review books that I read but feel like this one deserves recognition.”

“The author has a knack for pulling you in and makes you feel like you are there in person.”

“The author has been to sea and knows how to bring you with him as he creates a great storyline.”

“I could not put them down. Laswell's work has realism that is compelling and characters that you can identify with.”

“Great read. The characters portrayed are believable. The action kept me engaged until the book ended. Only then could I breathe.”

Tom Clancy goes into way too much detail. Somehow Laswell goes into a lot of detail, but he does it in a way that keeps your interest.”

“Vows To The Fallen is an intriguing and action packed World War II historical military sea tale that will take the reader on one hell of a thrill ride.”

“As an old tin can sailor from the detail and depth in which the story is written I can practically hear, feel and smell the battles as they are played out.”

“I normally would not like overly detailed strategy and descriptions of battle scenes, but Laswell did it so well that I read every word and understood it too.”

“This is first time I have rated 5 stars to a book. This is a book you that you don't want to stop reading but when had to stop I found that I could start breathing again.”

“The realism depicted in this book brought me back to the times on the bridge and the rolling and pitching of the deck and all the hectic activity. It felt good to be back.”

“As far as the end of the book is concerned: Without a doubt Laswell’s dramatic closing scene is one of the most powerful I have experienced in a very long time. “

"Vows to the Fallen it's an incredible narration based in a real life story, the Author masters the narrative, it's like sometimes you are reading the personal journal of Lieutenant/Captain Patrick "Terror" O'Toole!”

“The author's personal experience in similar vessels creates a real authenticity to the writing, reminiscent of Douglas Reeman and David Poyer. The main story is counterbalanced by short often humerus vignettes which can only be the product of real life.”

“The action is so rich in detail, the acrid smell of gun powder and blood will sting your nose, and the cries of the wounded and dying will haunt your dreams. Laswell writes about war as it is; not the stylized version you see on the screen, but the dirty, bloody reality that those who go to war experience. Laswell writes about war as it is”

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