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Sunday, January 10 2016
DOD Analysis and Cost Estimate for the Imperial Death Stars (DS-1 and DS-2)

#StarWars Zachery Feinstein at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, completed a financial impact study on the Gross Galactic Product (GGP) and predicts a financial crisis of galactic proportion due to the costs of DS-1 and DS-2 for Imperial Forces. Regardless of who finally wins, the victors will face a banking system bailout in the range of 15% of the GGP, or about $913.5 quintillion (a quintillion is a 1 with 18 zeros after it, or a billion billion).

The banking system failure is based on the costs of DS-1 and DS-2, which were set at $194Q and $419Q, respectively. The high cost of these weapons and their subsequent loss would result in bank defaults on the bonds used to raise the required construction funds.

The DOD estimates weapon system cost based on the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the system and estimated the total cost of DS-1 at $300Q. Surely the Imperial Star Fleet would have figured the Death Stars would last at least fifty earth years, but the loss of both Death Stars would certainly drive up their cost per year.

DOD analysts also pointed out that the requirements analysis for both DS-1 and DS-2 are surely flawed because:

  1. The death stars are a single mission weapon system (planet destruction).
  2. There are obviously serious shortcomings in the weapon’s active and passive defense systems.
  3. There is a total lack of railings and such to protect crew members from accidents.

The last point could be significant in maintaining a healthy crew due to the Empire’s zero-defect policy whereby offenders are strangled by the Force without due process.

DOD analysts estimate the DS-1 crew at 1.5 million, not including 400,000 droids. The DOD would recommend wider use of droids to hold down staffing costs and lower the overall cost of ownership over the weapon’s lifetime.

The DOD concluded its analysis with a statement that the Pentagon will never consider developing a Death Star because destruction of planets is against both DOD and White House policy.

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