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Thursday, May 28 2015

Susan Young of Marshell Publishing

Larry’s newest book project involves a science fiction series called The Ethosians. The novel describes a complex society on a planet called Ethos, and delves into the social and economic facets of life on this planet. So I thought we’d kick off this new genre with some questions for Larry. Here is my interview:

Susan: tell us about this new book project and the characters who live in Ethos:

Larry: I am starting work on my next novel series, The Ethosians. Initially, three books are planned about this unique planet. The premise is that the Ethosians are ethical to a fault to the same extent that Star Trek’s Vulcans are logical and unemotional. Because of their ethical nature, they are intrinsically trusted in the galaxy, and have been hired by the other 71 advanced planets with sentient life to act as the peacekeepers in the galaxy. Each planet pays Ethos 2% of their GPP (Gross Planetary Product) to maintain peace in the galaxy. This is a good deal for everyone. 2% of GPP is less than what we earthlings spend on our military. As a bonus, the planets are free from the secondary costs of inter-planetary war, including loss of life, destruction of cities and infrastructure, medical costs for the wounded, and the diversion of resources.  So far, Ethos has been effective in keeping the peace for the last seven millennia. Sounds good doesn’t it? Ethos seems to be a perfect place to live; everyone is ethical and can be trusted, and no one will take advantage of your or cheat you.

Susan: Why do you think this book will appeal to readers?

Larry: Some people might get a kick out of the book because all of the males on Ethos consider themselves warriors. All of the intellectual stuff (science, engineering, etc.) is done by the women. It’s an interesting twist on things.

Susan: Tell us more about how you explore the social and economic aspects of the Ethosians in this book.

Larry: Because Ethosians can’t do anything that’s illogical or unethical, they have a very orderly society — almost an idyllic environment. Think about it for a minute. Such a perfect world has problems, and its society will face paradoxes. Some of the implications of such a world include:

  • How would an ethical society respond if someone committed a crime? Would they have the death penalty?
  • How do the Ethosians handle offenders of their ethical code?
  • If one assumes war is intrinsically immoral, how can the Ethosians engage in combat to maintain the peace?
  • What might the other planets do to take advantage of the Ethosians?
  • What does Ethos do when it discovers it has been cheated?
  • What relationship exists between Ethos and the galaxy’s criminal elements?
  • Are there paradoxes within the Ethosian culture?

Susan: Interesting questions, Larry. Hopefully the readers will respond with some their thoughts on how they would face some of these paradoxes if they were an Ethosian. I can’t wait to discuss more of Larry’s new science fiction series in the coming weeks. 

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